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Welcome to Mendes Legal Services the experts in private investigation and legal support.

With over fifteen years’ experience, we’re ideally located to offer both national and international investigative services from either of our locations – on the outskirts of London in Hertfordshire or our Northern office on the north Lincolnshire/Yorkshire border With a team comprised of ex-police we understand the need for discretion and professionalism and we’re extremely successful in the cases we undertake – both large and small. As a leading Enquiry Agent, we offer reliable, discreet and competitive risk assessment solutions and legal support services.

From corporate and personal surveillance to vehicle tracking, background checks and manned security, we provide a flexible and comprehensive service to all our clients. You’ll receive detailed and thorough evidence gathered using state-of-the-art methods combined with real ‘eye on the target’ footwork from our detectives, all in complete confidence. As Private Investigators we offer a range of services; if you are looking for a Process Server or Enquiry Agent contact us. 

We appreciate how hard it can be to approach an investigation service, especially when it comes to personal and relationship matters, plus there can be a fear that the price might be prohibitive. At Mendes we’re committed to making sure that results don’t cost the earth – we operate under some of the most competitive rates for our industry. For example – we provide a fixed rate ‘Process Serving’ facility for both national and international recipients, and for UK Process Serving the price is simply £95 +VAT. 

We’re confident that we can offer you the private investigation service you need, going above and beyond your expectations whatever we’re tasked to do. From insurance claims and criminal defence to security risk assessment and even a secure personal courier service, Mendes Legal does more than you think. 

Whether you’re looking for matrimonial investigation or individual surveillance, tracing and locating missing persons or any of our other investigative and legal support options, we insist that you receive the most reliable, secure and comprehensive private investigation service possible. 

Confidence is our key – your confidence in our ability to deliver the results you need, and our keeping your confidentiality complete and absolute. All information you provide is held securely and in compliance with the latest data protection legislation and all our computer systems are exceptionally well protected

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